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We offer a wide variety of different stones and crystals.  We are always growing our collection and will keep you up to date with new stones as they come in.  Check our what we currently have along with their properties.

Full list to come!!


Each drum is hand made by a native american, made with real skins.


We have a variety of different necklaces and pendents with different crystals to help you on your path.


We have sage bundles.  Burning sage is an ancient technique used to get rid of unwanted energy in a space.


Walking in Abundance- Have a big speech you are nervous about? or a big date? Spray Walking in Abundance over your head and hold your head up high knowing nothing will stop you.

Peaceful Sleep- Do you toss and turn all night? Do your children see monsters?  This beautiful blend will help calm and relax you for a good nights rest.

Clean and Clear- If you are sensitive to burning sage or in an area that you can not burn sage this is a perfect substitute 



We have a wide variety of different incense sticks.  Perfect for any situation.

Soaps and Lotions


We have a beautiful variety of handmade soaps.  They are vegan friendly and made with love by our beautiful friend Elizabeth.  We have many different fragrances that can either help wake you up in the morning or detox your body.



Our collection is to help expand your knowledge and open your mind.  We carry many different authors and some local ones too.

Just about everything in our store is either locally made or grown.  We support local businesses and the environment.  If there is anything that you want and we don't have it, please let us know and we would be happy to see if we can get it for you.  If you have products that you think would be perfect for our store please email us and we will review it.

Thank you for all your love and support.

Much more to come!!