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Meet Psychic Medium

Michelle Bassett

Michelle has the ability to connect with past loved ones and spirits that guide and protect you.  As a medium, that has been the most fulfilling gift that has been given to her.  She uses this gift to help heal the pain and discomfort of not being able to communicate with loved ones.   Connecting with the spirits around people also helps Michelle to see what is going on in peoples life and allows her to see the path that they should be on.  A session with Michelle will provide comfort, alignment and change stress and distraction into peace and purpose.

Michelle hosts a Podcast and has been on many different TV shows.  She has been working with the spirits for many years.  She believes that we are always evolving and changing.  She has studied with Doreen Virtue and at the Celtic Mystery School, and she's apprenticed under many different psychics and mediums.  She is able to connect with many different realms and elements to help you understand your mission here.

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